Do you save that tissue paper you get in your shopping bag or package? You should! It can be reused to make beautiful packages or these Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flowers.

Using tissue paper I’ve saved through the years from various packages, gifts or other shopping, I crafted together these Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flowers to revamp some old paper Easter eggs I had.

These tissue paper flowers are great as decorations for Easter or other parties, or to top a gift (instead of ribbon). Here’s how you make these Easy DIY Tissue Paper Flowers.

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What you’ll need

Here’s what you’ll need to make your tissue paper flower: Tissue paper (preferably saved and reused), a pair of scissors, thread (a stapler will work too)

Cut your tissue paper into squares as in the example above and pile them with the lightest color on top (this will be the centre color of your flower).

The zig-zag fold

Fold your pile of tissue paper in a zig-zag manner, like an accordion as pictured above.

Tie it all together

Tie a piece of thread around the middle of your accordion-tissue paper, as pictured above. You can use a stapler for this too, just snap a staple in the middle of your zig-zag stack.

Trim the corners

Now cut the corners off, as pictured above. You can do sharp cuts like I’ve done, or more rounded. It’s up to you!

Unfold your flower

And finally, gently unfold your flower layer by layer, scrunching as you go to shape it as you’d like.

And you’re done! Glue it onto a gift for a friend, or hang them over your curtains as Easter decorations or for a summer party. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!

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  1. Paula Eriksson Reply

    So very clever and pretty – both these and the egg make-overs.

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