Knowledge is power. A good book, an article, a documentary or the right role model can help us improve ourselves, find solutions to our problems, discover things we could never have imagined, and be inspired to do great things. This list are the resources that have inspired, motivated, and helped – and continue to help – me in my life. Through eating disorder recovery, lots of baking, and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I hope they will inspire and help you too.

Eating disorder help

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with body image/acceptance, weight issues, or self love/care, please turn to one of these organisations to see what help they can offer you. Even if you aren’t sure if your problems are an eating disorder, get in touch with them. If they can’t help with your particular problems, they will be sure to advise you on where you should turn to get the right support.

NEDA – National Eating Disorders Association
Frisk & Fri – Swedish Eating Disorders Association
Stockholms Centrum för Ätstörningar (Stockholm Centre for Eating Disorder Treatment)

Positive Role Models in Social Media

For a long time, I’ve searched for positive role models in social media. By this I mean the type of women (and men) who go against the grain and promote body positivity and self love, no matter what shape, weight, or size you are. Following these people and reading their words of encouragement has and is helping me in my own recovery from an eating disorder.

Amalie Lee @amalielee
Sam Johnson @samjohnsonwrites
Dana Suchow @dothehotpants
Megan Jayne Crabbe @bodyposipanda
Kathleen @fallingintoselflove
Jen Bretty @jenbretty
Charli Howard @charlihoward
Chloe Marshall @chloemarshall01
HoneyLoves @honeylovesorg
All Woman Project @allwomanproject
Sofia Anderberg @fiaanderberg


Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
I am that girl by Alexis Jones