I saw a similar list of 10 Quick Foodie Questions on a blog I follow and was inspired to answer them for Banana Bloom. I changed the questions a bit to suit me. What are your answers to these foodie questions?

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10 Quick Foodie Questions

Favorite breakfast

I go through long periods of eating the same thing for breakfast every day. I love hotel breakfast where I can pick and choose among a plethora of options, I usually go for bread and granola at hotel breakfast buffets. However, I’d not like to eat that every day. A classic that I often go back to (and which has stuck with me for as long as I can remember) is oatmeal topped with berries, cinnamon, and peanut butter. I usually add some protein powder to my oatmeal too, since I workout a lot I want to get a bit of extra protein, and the addition of protein powder and peanut butter makes the oatmeal more filling.

Smoothie Bowls – Here's how I make mine

Always in my fridge and freezer

In the fridge: sour green apples, cucumbers, and peanut butter. In my freezer: Raw nuts (almonds, cashews etc.) and superfood powders that I use for raw baking and raw balls, frozen organic vegetables and frozen bananas for smoothie bowls.

Favorite snacks

Dates filled with peanut butter, cut up cold sour green apples, banana with peanut butter, raw balls, smoothie bowls topped with berries, peanut butter and dried apple bits and nice cream  (clearly, I love peanut butter with everything). Snacks are my favorite so I could go on and with this list. Chocolate and a cup of coffee is an awesome snack too.

Favorite Toppings and spices

Himalaya salt and Herbamare salt (herb salt) is a must on salads and avocados, peanut butter (duh), cinnamon, and mustard.

Favorite non-dairy milk

Unsweetened almond milk (which I use in smoothies and smoothie bowls) and Oatly iKaffe oat milk which I occasionally use in my coffee.

Favorite cold drink

I very rarely (hardly ever) drink alcohol, so my favorite cold drink is probably NOCCO (sports energy drink).

My go to quick lunch or dinner

In the summer, when I can’t be bothered cooking, my go to is a smoothie bowl with all the toppings. Another quick go to is avocado toast or a salad with all the vegetables, beans and avocado.

Favorite café in Stockholm

Mahalo, though it’s so difficult to get a table there. Such a popular place!

Always in my smoothies

I always use bananas as a base and almost always have protein powder in my smoothies too.

Favorite warm drink

Coffee, either black or with Oatly iKaffe oat milk. I also like matcha latte but haven’t had that in ages – need to get back to making it!

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