Bringing your own lunch to work saves you money and assures you a healthy meal. There’s really no excuses not to when there’s quick and easy vegan lunch boxes like these to be made.

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We’re a generation of stressed out and over-worked people. Full time jobs demand most of our waking hours, leaving us with only a couple of hours of freedom on the weekends. That’s some precious time if you ask me. Seizing those days of getting to do what we want leaves little margin for chores.

Easy Vegan Lunch Boxes | http//

One of those “chores” is preparing lunch boxes for your week of work. Some people solve this by buying lunch every day. But with a little bit of calculation, you’ll soon realise just how much buying lunch every day is costing you. And how much else you could do with that money instead.

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And then there’s the health aspect of it. A home cooked meal affords you the control to regulate the amount of salt, fat, carbs, and greens, assuring you get a well rounded meal. While a meal on the go will often have excess amounts of salt, bad fats, and will also be lacking in vegetables and nutrients.

Easy Vegan Lunch Boxes | http//

Now, I happen to enjoy baking and cooking, but despite that, I don’t always feel like I have the time to prepare a bunch of meals for the week. Which is why I always make a big batch of a quick meal that’ll be enough to fill lunch boxes for the week. This recipe is for one of those easy vegan lunch boxes that I make.

Easy Vegan Lunch Boxes | http//

Easy Vegan Lunch Boxes

Makes 3-4 lunch boxes

4 portions whole wheat or bean pasta
4 portions of lentils
4 cups fresh spinach
4 tomatoes
8 sun dried tomatoes
1 bunch parsley

For the dressing
2 Tablespoons tahini
juice of 1 lemon


    1. Cook the lentils and pasta according to the manufacturers description on the package, enough for four portion of each.
    2. While the lentils and pasta are cooking, chop the rest of your ingredients and combine them in a large bowl.
    3. Prepare the tahini lemon dressing by stirring together the lemon juice and tahini, adding water if necessary until you reach the desired consistency. Pour into a jar and set aside.
    4. Once the lentils and pasta are cooked, drain and then toss together with the chopped vegetables in the large bowl.
    5. Divide into airtight containers and allow to cool completely before putting the lids on an strong in the fridge.
    6. Pack the boxes with the dressing on the side in a jar for your lunch.


Easy Vegan Lunch Boxes | http//

Do you bring your own lunch to work?

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