Everyone has their essentials, those “must haves” in your carry on luggage when you travel. Long haul flights make those little necessities that much more important. Here’s what’s in my carry-on when I travel.

For many, summertime means much needed time off work or school (insert collective sigh), and time off allows for travel! I’m a pretty restless person, so when I travel – especially if a long haul flight is involved – I make sure I’ve got lots of good stuff in my carry-on bag to keep me entertained, comfortable, and satisfied.

What's in my Carry-on When I Travel | http://BananaBloom.com

Before my flight, you can be sure I’ve downloaded lots of exciting podcasts to listen to (I love the true crime podcast Sword and Scale). I’ve got a good book on my Kindle (I’m currently readingCome a Little Closer by Rachel Abbott), my iPad and iPad keyboard are with me on the flight so that I can do some writing, and I’ve got a good calming playlist on Spotify – you can get my yoga playlist here – click to subscribe!

What’s in my Carry-on When I Travel

Here’s the full list of things you’ll find in my carry-on when I travel:

What's in my Carry-on When I Travel | http://BananaBloom.com

I bring my own in-flight meal

I never order in-flight meals. Airplane food is rarely (if ever) any good and most often fails to satisfy me. It’s often small and lacking in nutrition. Equally so, airport food is notoriously bad, and there are few nutritious or tasty options available. Most often there’s a serious lack of vegetarian/vegan options at airports too (other than a sad looking cup of fruit at Starbucks).

So, I prefer to make my own food to bring with me (or I’ll buy something on the way to the airport at a café or shop where I know I’ll find something I like). If I make my own food to bring, I do something simple like home made vegan wraps or sandwiches and then I always have my vegan protein bars, fruit, and other snacks to nibble on if I want something small during the flight.

What do you always have in your carry-on bag?

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