Happy Monday! The world is in a strange place right now and we’re all trying to get used to this new – but temporary – new norm. For a while now I’ve wanted to get the ball rolling on a monthly round up of interesting things I’ve read lately. So, what better time than now, when many are spending a lot of time stuck at home.

Here’s the first monthly round up of things that have caught my interest lately:

The Monthly Round up #1

  1. The Founder of Max Hamburger chain launches the Food Planet Prize which aims to identify, showcase and reward important initiatives designed to re-invent our food chain and help establish a sustainable food system within the planet’s boundaries. Finding a more sustainable way of producing, using and discarding of food is crucial in solving the climate crisis so initiatives like these are great in encouraging and aiding in finding solutions.
  2. The Guardian update their language on climate matters to “more accurately describe the environmental crises facing the world”. The changes include: “climate crisis” or “climate emergency” instead of “climate change” (climate change no longer accurately describes the seriousness of the situation) and “global heating” instead of “global warming”.
  3. Here’s an interesting article about what it’s like to be a vintage fashion scouter or vintage picker, which is increasing in demand.
  4. Train prices between Stockholm and Gothenburg are getting cheaper (article in Swedish) – it’s significantly cheaper to take the train than to fly between the cities. Hopefully this encourages more people to opt for environmentally friendly train travel over flying the short distance.
  5. Guide Michelin introduces a new sustainability emblem – The new emblem coincides with the release of the Nordic Countries Guide 2020 and highlights restaurants who are at the forefront of sustainable gastronomy practices.
  6. The Future of Clothes: These 3 Startups Help you rent or resell everyday items.


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