This is a new weekly feature post series called “What I Loved This Week”. Each week, I’ll share a little roundup of whatever I’ve come across that I’ve either liked, or that’s stirred up some emotion in me.

What I Loved This Week | Week 42 |

I don’t think I’ve seen sunshine here in Stockholm for about two weeks now. There’s this perpetual grey blanket over the city and today I woke up to icy winds and pouring rain. Brr.

Good thing there’s friends to provide sunshine when the weather refuses to. Just like last weekend, this Saturday I met up with two dear friends of mine and just like that, six hours of catching up passed without us even noticing!

On Wednesday this week, I did my first Christmas baking of the year! Yup, you read that right. It was at an event with organic wholesaler Urtekram where we got to bake all kinds of Christmas goodies. More about that in a later post though.

Now, let’s get to this week’s roundup.

What I Loved This Week

The reads

Looking for a Halloween costume for this year’s party? Studio DIY have so many fun costume ideas, I love their never ending creativity.

This isn’t a read, but a great listen. The podcast Invisibilia have an absolutely fascinating episode called “Mirror Touch” about a woman named Amanda who can physically feel what other people are feeling. I listened to it ages ago but want to listen to it again, it’s super interesting!

Is this pantry dreamy or what? *heart eyes*

How to teach kids to love and respect their bodies.

The food stuff

Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake. How beautiful is that cake?

I’ve been really inspired to do stuff with pumpkin lately, especially cutting into wedges and roasting in the oven. Perhaps for a quick crispy tofu and squash autumn bowl. Or maybe pumpkin seed pesto pasta with caramelized delicata squash.

I love the things they come up with on Hot For Food blog, like mashed potato waffles – what even?

How cute are these mini apple pie cakes!?

The random thoughts

I tried making a cheesecake using Oatly’s cream cheese for the first time last weekend and it came out perfect! I love experimenting and switching up ingredients, especially when it works!

Totally accurate joke my boyfriend told me the other day: What do Donald Trump and pumpkins have in common? They’re both orange, and should be thrown out in November.

Are you getting dressed up and celebrating Halloween?

What’s the best thing you’ve come across online or elsewhere this week?

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