The Easiest Way to Feel Sparkling + a Suai Suai Giveaway

You know how some mornings you throw on your outfit and stare at yourself in the mirror feeling like there’s something missing? Then you strap a bracelet on and suddenly feel dazzling

Accessorising is probably one of the simplest ways of spicing up an outfit. A little accent can be that little something that just pulls it all together and combats the feeling of having nothing to wear.

The Easiest Way to Feel Sparkling + a Suai Suai Giveaway

I’m excited to introduce you to Suai Suai, a jewellery brand I stumbled upon a couple of months ago. Suai Suai is created by jewellery designer Stina who -like me – is most fulfilled when she gets to express her creativity. Her creations are colourful and unique – exactly the type of pieces that will boost an outfit.

“Suai” means beautiful in Thai. So, in celebration of all you beautiful souls I have the fortune of meeting and talking to through Banana Bloom (here, on Instagram, and on Facebook) – I’m giving you the chance of winning some gorgeous accessories from Suai Suai!

I’ve picked out a bracelet and a necklace from the Suai Suai collection that appeal to me. I love the little Ganesh and Buddah details on the bracelet and the tassel necklace feels very yogi. They’re the perfect match. Make sure you enter the Suai Suai giveaway below for your chance to win both!

The Easiest Way to Feel Sparkling + a Suai Suai Giveaway

The Easiest Way to Feel Sparkling + a Suai Suai Giveaway

Suai Suai Giveaway – Win a Bracelet and Necklace by Suai Suai, enter below!

Sign up below by Friday January 29th 2016 and I’ll pick a winner among the entries. Feel free to leave a comment to this post, or follow Banana Bloom on Instagram and Facebook to increase your chances of winning! The winner will receive the beautiful bracelet and necklace by Suai Suai that are pictured in this post. 

I’d love to hear from you in the comments – what makes you feel Suai (beautiful)?

The Suai Suai giveaway ends on Friday 29th of January 2016 and is open worldwide!


The lucky winner is Beata!
Thank you to all the participants who signed up and left beautiful comments on what makes you feel suai! 


  1. I am so with you on the creativity!:) I also feel my best when I get to express myself. That can be yoga. but also painting or DIY projects.
    I love these pieces by Suai and I am sure my mom would too. Because I travel a lot, it would be nice to both have one to remind us of one another.
    Love this giveaway and your blog, I am happy I have found you on Instagram TIna:)!

    • Thank you Iris! I am happy I participated in your challenge on Instagram and through that got to “meet” you! :) Creativity is my heart and fire! And just as you say, it can be so many different things from doing yoga to writing, singing, or painting. And what a sweet and caring sentiment about the jewellry and sharing it with your mom, I can completely relate to that – I bring along little tokens or pieces of jewellery I’ve got from the people I love when I travel, so that I can feel like they’re with me.

      xx Tina

  2. My daughter makes me feel “Suai”. She tells me every single day, atleast 100 times a day, that I am beautiful, even when I don’t feel it (:

    • That’s so, so nice to hear Antinicia! What a wonderful daughter you have, she sees the beauty in you that goes so much deeper than what you can see in the mirror (especially on those days when you don’t feel beautiful).

      xx Tina

  3. I feel suai when I smile and laugh :) I was recently diagnosed with depression so I really miss that feeling. I’m glaad i saw this question because it reminded me of my goal, to feel Happy and suai again.
    Hugs to you and thank you for an inspiring instagram and blog. Found you a couple of weeks ago ❤️

    • That’s a great answer Mia! I feel suai (both inside and out) when I smile and laugh too! I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with depression and I really hope you feel happy and beautiful again very, very soon! I hope my little reminders here on the blog and on Instagram can continue to remind you that you are magical, beautiful, unique, and so SO deserving of happiness. Hugs to YOU! Thank you for leaving such a heart felt and honest comment. <3

      xx Tina

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pieces!
    I feel beautiful when I’m happy in my heart and mind. Then I can radiate happiness and peace in mind, no mattar what clothes I put on. But, sometimes a few little things can help to have a brighter day, little simple things like blusher or a piece of jewlery.
    I haven’t brought anything for my self for a very long time, being a student and expecting my second child in three weeks time. I’d be very very happy if I won the beautiful pieces by Suai Suai!
    Wish you a beautiful and blissfull weekend!

    • I totally agree Lina. Feeling happy makes us more at ease and less judgemental on ourselves – allowing us to feel as beautiful as we actually are! Good job tackling motherhood, pregnancy, and studies – and congratulations on soon having a second child! I wish I could let everyone win this giveaway because you’re all so deserving of it!

      xx Tina

  5. Suai is an inner sense of calm – it comes from becoming still – in order to reflect and meditate on our inner wisdom and receive answers. A
    Suai heart is one that is free from worry and trouble. It is learning to live in the present.

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