Each month, I’ll share a themed playlist on Spotify. For July, I shared a summer playlist and this month I’m sharing my August Yoga Playlist.

The playlist is a compilation of tracks I listen to for my own practice. I like to get a little bit of flow going so there’s a mix of both flowing and more calming songs including tracks by Bon Iver, MILCK, Fleurie, Freya Ridings, Xavier Rudd, Jai Wolf and Aquilo to name a few. I hope you’ll find your flow with this playlist, and feel free to come with suggestions of your favorite yoga music in the comments.

And if you’re not into doing yoga, this list is great for when you just want to chill at home, or need to listen to something calming when you’re feeling a little stressed out or overworked. Whatever you use the August Yoga Playlist for, I hope you’ll love it.

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