I came across an Autumn list of random questions on a blog I follow called PT-Fia and was inspired to answer some of the questions myself. How would you answer these questions? I’ve answered these questions as quickly and spontaneously as possible, listing the first thing that came to mind.

An Autumn List

Best thing today

Considering I’ve been home with a cold for the past couple of days and have a sore throat and headache today, I guess it doesn’t take much to find a best thing about the day. I guess it would be that I have the privilege and possibility to stay home and work from home when I am sick and need to rest, and that I am capable of respecting my body and need to rest when I am sick.

The biggest thing you’ve learned about yourself

In my 30+ years on earth I have learned a lot about myself. I think the most profound thing(s) I have learned about myself have to be the insights and lessons I have learned through several years of eating disorders and therapy/treatment for that. It has shaped who I am, helped me heal, and given me valuable insights on how I work and what triggers me.

My Fall essentials or must-haves

  • A cosy and warm blanket
  • My oat warmer (that you heat up in the microwave to soothe sore muscles, cramps or just keep you warm)
  • Something good to binge-watch on Netflix
  • Preferably borrow my colleagues dog, for the ultimate cosy

Something you didn’t know about me (like a weird routine or something quirky)

I wake up at 4.50am every morning. On the weekends I get up at 6am.

What I do on a rainy day

Cuddle up with  a blanket and my book and listen to the rain. Or just look out the window at the rain. I love watching and listening to the rain when it’s proper pouring down.

What do you know for sure?

That life is always changing and throwing you curveballs but ultimately steering you on the path you’re meant to be on.

My favorite workout clothes right now

I have a lot of workout clothes because I work out several days a week. I’d say most of my workout clothes are my favorite, but currently on high rotation are a pair of 2XU tights I got second hand and a blue Adidas sports bra that I also got second hand.

My go-to meditation/workout

Working out is my number one meditation/de-stresser/happy place. I do not feel like myself when I can’t workout (so imagine how I feel right now with a cold and headache and unable to work out for the past couple of days/week). The days I don’t work out I’m more tired, tend to feel more down and not as in-tune with my body.

Favorite way to exercise during the fall

The amount I exercise stays pretty consistent throughout the year. Strength training at the gym is something I do year round but in the summer and fall I tend to do more running and walking outside because the temperatures allow for more outdoor exercise. This fall I also have several trips planned to three or four day workout events and i also have a OCR-race planned. These workout events are my absolute favorite!

Things I’m looking forward to this fall

  • The aforementioned workout events I’m going to
  • Riding the train to get to the workout events
  • Running my first OCR race
  • Staying at an alpaca Ben & Breakfast for a little birthday weekend getaway
  • Visiting Åre again! (by train)
  • Visiting Gothenburg (by train)

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