With each new season come new fashion trends. The trends for Spring 2018 have very much made a mark on the high street, with lookalikes of those not so affordable designer pieces everywhere. I’ve scoured the internet for some of the trending designer lookalikes.

The combination of high end designers runway shows and the style we bring to the streets sets the season’s trends. Spring 2018 is seeing a lot of chunky sneakers, also being dubbed the “ugly sneakers trend” or “dad sneaker trend”. Leading the pack is Balenciaga with their Triple S Sneakers that are crazy chunky, and so ugly that they’re nice.

As far as accessories goes, bucket bags and cage bags are trending big right now. There’s some really nice bucket bags from Marni, Sara Battaglia, Staud and Simon Miller. And another popular one that I’m seeing everywhere are the Cult Gaia bamboo bags, which ASOS have been quick to pick up on and offer a lookalike of.

Read on to find lookalikes of your favorite trends, at the fraction of the price of the originals which, admittedly, are often the nicer and cooler version of the product, but at a price few of us can imagine spending on fashion.

Trending Designer Lookalikes

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Zimmerman Dress | PrettyLittleThing Lookalike

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Dolce & Gabbana Lucia bag | Mango Lookalike

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Cult Gaia Bamboo BagAsos Lookalike

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Off-White Bag | Pieces Lookalike

Trending Fashion LookalikesBalenciaga Triple S Sneakers | Topshop Lookalikes

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Acne Musubi Bag | Topshop Lookalike

Trending Fashion Lookalikes STAUD Vitti Tote | Topshop Lookalike

Trending Fashion Lookalikes Chloé Pixie | Topshop Lookalike

Which one is your favorite?

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